Legro offers you many options for various training programme, starting from U-16 to Veteran's 4th category to Professional/Elite, Legro has the experience for any ability, male or female, including novice riders.

Coaching is a two-way partnership, all training plans are arranged between you and Legro, from then on, Legro will structure your training and send your training plan, together with advise on diet, weight training (optional) and help with planning your season, whether it is riding for fun, Audax, or racing, you will get a detailed training programme that will be monitored and tweaked if necessary so you get the best results, tailored to your lifestyle.



  • One to One Consultancy £30.00 per hour + expenses see One to One coaching
  • U-16 £50.00 monthly plan
  • Junior £75.00 monthly plan
  • Senior 4th 1st cat £100.00 monthly plan
  • Professional/Elite £200.00 monthly plan


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